Orkney Ice Cream

 < Kirkwall Pier >

< Kirkwall from Harbour > 

 St Magnus Catherdal 

 St Magnus Catherdal 

 St Magnus Catherdal

Below: An earlier visit to Kirkwall

 < Kirkwall Harbour >

 Kirkwall Hotel

 < Kirkwall Harbour > 

 'Focus on Orkney'

 Old Second World War Mine

 Bridge Street & Orkney Music Shop

 'Little Island Gifts'

'Fusion' and 'Ayre Hotel' 

Broad Street

 Clydesdale Bank, Broad Street

 Orkney Museum

  Bishop's and Earl's Palaces

St Magnus Cathedral

 'The Reel"

 'The Orcadian'

 'Orkney Soap'

Orkney Ice Cream - Pam's smile of approval

  Kirkwall Town Hall

'Orkney Island Knitwear/ Judith Glue'

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