Isle of Raasay
(Isle of Skye in supporting role in background of many photos)


 My car on Sconser to Raasay ferry

 Ferry arriving at Rassay

 Clachan Harbour >

  One of the mermaids at Clachan

 Another of the mermaids at Clachan

 Raasay House

 Playing field

 Sunday observance

 Phone boxes at Inverarish

 Cottages at Inverarish

  Cottages at Inverarish >

 Home baking honesty box

 West Suisinish jetty

 Old pier at Suisinish >

Iron ore hopper at Suisinish

 Suisinish >

 Bath tub in a hut

 < Suisinish >

 Eyre Point

 Forestry operations

 Raasay Community Hall


 Travelling north >>


 <  Holoman >


 A solitary small tree



 Brochel Castle >

  The start of Calum's Road

 Information about Calum's Road

< Calum's Road > 

< Calum's Road >  


 < Rassay's No 1 Mine >

  Sign: Burma Road

Old road sign

  Path to Hallaig

 < To Hallaig (I turned back here ) 

The photos were taken along roads both north and south on Raasay. They are not always in geographical order.

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