Shanghai, China


 Views from a 12th-floor apartment on Nan Suzhou Road

 < Suzhou Creek >

 Beijing Department Store

 Junya Yinshidian

 Xing Tai Market

Yu Garden and City God Temple

Shanghai Jing'an Sculpture Park

Shanghai Natural History Museum

Nanjing Road and Views from The Bund

Shanghai New World Daimaru 

 Pudong seen from the Bund

 Pudong seen from the Bund

Oriental Pearl Tower Revolving Restaurant 

 Shanghai Brewery
Shanghai French Concession

 Sasha's Restaurant and Bar

Greel Room

 Greek Taverna Milos

 Food Box

 Acer and fountain

Mingyuan Art Center 

La Creperie  

The Deli and Bakery 
 by migu Entertainment Style Shop

 WiFi Telephone Box


Into Ark Wine and Cocktail Bar 


7 Taojiang Road
Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Center

 Six paintings
  Jing'an Temple
Shanghai Zoo

 Giant Panda
Special thanks to Daniel, Ben and Claudia for navigating me around Shanghai.

 Lesser (Red) Panda

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